We provide Installation, Testing and Maintenance services for Landlords

For landlords with one property or with multiple property, we can provide a customised service, to make sure your property is up to date with latest standards

Our Services

We have years of experience in working with landlords, helping with their properties.

For the last decade or so we have been working with many landlords, cultivating large network of people and contacts to help you with your with rented properties, With our years experience we have acquire skills to quickly access and fix any issues rise in your property as well regularly maintain properties with their periodic inspections.

We can arrange to visit the property directly with Tenents or the agent

Collect keys and retern key directly from landlords agent or tenant

All invoies and reports will emailed, with Pdf attached

Sends reminders when reports or services need renewal


Your Duties as a Landlord

As a landlord, it is your legal duty to ensure all electrical equipment in your property is safe and maintained throughout the whole tenancy. This responsibility covers light fixtures and plugs, as well as internal wiring.

An electrical installation includes all fixed electrical equipment that is supplied through your property’s electricity meter. Just like other features of your property, electrical installations deteriorate and face wear and tear, so need to be properly maintained.

Failure to do so can lead to prosecution and also invalidates most landlord insurance policies. For the safety of your tenants and your business, it is important to get regularly electrical safety certification.

Feel free to email our support team and a member of the team will get back to you within 24 hours

Tenants Services

Whenever a new tenant moves into your commercial or domestic property, it is your responsibility as a landlord to ensure that they are aware of all electrical work that has been completed on the home. It’s very common for tenants to inspect any fixtures and sockets themselves before agreeing to let a property and knowing that you have nothing to hide before they undertake these tests will take a weight off your shoulders.

It is also vital that you ensure that your relationship with tenants is one of mutual understanding. This means that when there are any electrical issues within the home, your tenants will feel comfortable raising them with you without concerns about how it’ll impact them. Ensure that they are aware that they must report any and all electrical faults as soon as possible so that they can be seen to.

Finally, it may be worthwhile discussing with your tenants the importance of electrical safety and letting them know about anything they can do to further protect the home. This can be anything from unplugging products such as hair straighteners once they’ve been used to learning how to fix a fuse issue.

Landlord Checklist


Ensure that all fuses are of the correct type and rating.


Ensure that flexes are in good order and properly attached to appliances and plugs.


Make a note of all fuse ratings on the inventory.


Ensure that plugs and sockets conform to BS1363 or BS1363/A for heavy duty uses.


Ensure that operating instructions and safety warning notices are supplied with the appliances.


Ensure that earth tags are in place.


Make sure appliances supplied are complete and in working order – keep purchase receipts.


Ensure that plugs are of an approved type with sleeved live and neutral pins.


Pay particular attention to second hand equipment – always have these items checked.


Make sure that tenants know the location of and have access to the main consumer unit, fuses and isolator switch.

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